Parents and students are requested to go through the rules and regulations mentioned here carefully before registering the admission form. Those who have registerd are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions stipulated below and will follow them sincerely till the ward leaves the school.

  1. The school reserves the right to ask any parent to withdraw the child from the school for any act of indiscipline, irregularity, disobedience, misbehaviour or such acts which may geopardise the interests of the other children on the campus.
  2. Parents can visit the children on the fourth Saturday / Sunday of every month. During other days, they can meet their wards only in case of emergency after obtaining prior permission. No permission will be given to meet / take to the guest room / take on leave out / buy food items etc for any child other than their wards in the absence of written request from their parents.
  3. Students are granted leave out on the days specified in the calendar of events. Parents are required to bring their children back to the school on the date and time specified in the calendar. Late reporting beyond the schedule for minor reasons will be treated as a breach of discipline by the parent. On the day of leave out and reporting back to school, the child should be accompanied by the parent without fail.
  4. Parents should pay the fee promptly before reporting to the school after the vacations. No student will be admitted to the hostel without the fee receipt. They should not ask for concessions other than those permitted by the school.
  5. Parents will not leave any money, gold, electrical and electronic gadgets or other valuable items with the students. If any student is found to be in possession of such items without the knowledge of the Principal, those items will be confiscated immediately and treated as school property. Such items will not be returned.
  6. The school celebrates the birth days of the children by distributing toffees. No celebration of birthdays inside the campus by the parents will be permitted. Parents feeding their wards and other children with food brought from outside is prohibited.
  7. Parents are allowed to visit their ward’s dorm / room on the reopening and closing days of the term only. Their vehicles will also be allowed to the hostel only on those days. Other days the vehicle should be parked outside or near the gate.
  8. Parents are advised to keep the telephonic talk with their wards to the minimum. Telephone calls made during the class hours and study hours will not be passed on to the students.
  9. The school gives medical attention to all students. Parents are not informed of minor ailments. However, in the case of emergencies, the school reserves the right to take decisions and subsequently report to the parents. In such cases parents are required to visit the school immediately.
  10. Parents are required to visit the school immediately if they are asked by the Principal on matters connected to indiscipline of their wards. In the absence of response from them’ their ward will be suspended from attending classes.
  11. Guest room facility is not a right for the parents. Accommodation will be given based on the availability and to a minimum period only.
  12. Students who do not put in a minimum of 80% attendance will not be allowed to sit for the examinations. Staying in the hostel without attending the classes under some pretext or the other will be treated as being absent to the school. In such cases no concession will be given with regards to attendance. Attending classes regularly is the duty and responsibility of the students.
  13. Students are not permitted to keep money with them for any reason. Money meant for personal purposes should be deposited in pocket money account. It can be drawn from the account for justifiable reasons when necessary.
  14. Students are strictly prohibited from entering into cash transaction with any of the employees of the school. They will not buy or sell any item from among the students or others in the school without sanction from the Principal.
  15. Colouring the hair, use of hair gel / hair style other than the one given in the school saloon / dresses that do not suit co educational environment and fashionable cosmetics and jewellery are strictly prohibited.
  16. Students are required to follow the dress code of the school strictly on all occasions. Penalty will be imposed if they fail to do so. They are required to stitch their dresses in right measurements.
  17. They are required to stick to their alloted places and maintain silence in the class room, hostel study area, dining hall and all such places where necessary.
  18. Students are required to be punctual and dressed appropriately to all activities of the school and will not stay out without prior permission.
  19. Students will not visit the staff quarters nor present gifts and other articles to the teachers and other employees under pretexts.
  20. Students committing any of the following offences will be dealt with severely including dismissal from the school even if it is Board Examination time.

Ragging & intimidation of weaker or junior students / use of foul language or slangs / Rude & disobedient behaviour towards teachers or other employees of the school / Robbing others property / extending help in such activities Making groups or involving in group fightings etc.or any other misbehaviour that threatens the general well being of other students in the school / Entering into unhealthy relationship with students of opposite sex / helping and encouraging such affairs directly or indirectly / Smuggle / use / possess cigarettes / drugs / such material that are intoxicating / Copying in examinations / using or encouraging others in unfair means.

Note : The school authorities are free to frame rules as and when situations arise either of temporary or permanent nature to instil discipline among the students. In cases of dispute over the admission, promotion, discipline etc. the decision of the school authorities would be final. Parents and students are required to accept it. Legal disputes if any, should be settled within Vijayawada jurisdiction.