The Staff

The school has a band of resourceful teachers who are credited with long standing association with the school. They are well qualified and experienced in imparting education in tune with the changing methodologies of teaching using modern technology. They are sufficiently trained in implementing the CBSE concept of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation and also in handling issues of adolescent children. Teaching in the School is scientific and objective oriented and is done more through interaction. Innovative practices are adopted at various levels of classes.

Know more about our Teacher’s

  • Dr. K Bhavanarayana

    Dr K BhavanarayanaDesignation: Principal
    DOJ: 14-12-2015
    Qualification: M.Sc.,Ph.D.,B.Ed.,

  • Mr. S Chandra Sekaran

    S Chandra SekaranDesignation: Vice-Principal
    DOJ: 30-06-1991
    Qualification: M.A.B.Ed.,

  • Mr. Sai Babu

    sai-babuDesignation: Teacher in Science
    DOJ: 28-08-1991
    Qualification: M.Sc B Ed PGD Sch Adm

  • Mrs.K.Suneetha

    K.SuneethaDesignation: Teacher in English
    DOJ: 07-06-1992
    Qualification: M.A.,B.Ed.,

  • Mr. P.Ravi Babu

    P.Ravi BabuDesignation: Teacher in Social Science
    DOJ: 07-06-1993
    Qualification: M.A.,B.Ed.,

  • Mr. Ch.Uday Kiran

    Ch.Uday KiranDesignation: Teacher in Social Science
    DOJ: 15-11-2012
    Qualification: M.A.,B.Ed.,

  • Mr. P.Raja Rao

    Raja RaoDesignation: Teacher in Mathematics
    DOJ: 02-06-2007
    Qualification: B.Sc.,B.Ed.,

  • Mrs. N.Balasaraswathi

    N.BalasaraswathiDesignation: Teacher in Telugu
    DOJ: 26-06-1999
    Qualification: B.A.,T.P.T.,

  • Mr. Riaz Ahmed

    Riaz AhmedDesignation: Teacher in Hindi
    DOJ: 08-07-2003
    Qualification: M.A.,B.Ed.,

  • Mrs. V.Annapurna

    V.AnnapurnaDesignation: Teacher in Hindi
    DOJ: 01-11-2008
    Qualification: M.A.,H.P.T.,

  • Mr. S.Nageswara Rao

    S Nageswara RaoDesignation: PGT Teacher in Computer Science
    DOJ: 09-11-2009
    Qualification: MCA

  • Mr. M.Siva Rama Krishna

    M.Siva Rama KrishnaDesignation: PGT Teacher in Physics
    DOJ: 03-06-2009
    Qualification: M.Sc.,

  • Mr. M.V.Bhaskara Rao

    M.V.Bhaskara RaoDesignation: Librarian
    DOJ: 11-06-1992
    Qualification: M.A.[His],M.A.[],M.Li.&I.Sc,

  • Mr.S K Chand Lal

    S.DhanalakshmiDesignation: Social Science Teacher
    DOJ: 01-06-1994
    Qualification: M.A.B.Ed.,

  • Mrs.R.Sarada

    R.SaradaDesignation: Music Teacher
    DOJ: 01-06-1994
    Qualification: M.A.,B.Ed.,TTC in Music

  • Mrs.T.K.Ratna Kumari

  • T.K.Ratna KumariDesignation: Physical Education Teacher DOJ: 02-06-2008 Qualification: M.P.Ed.