Principal’s Message

I am happy to note that the school is poised to celebrate silver jubilee in a couple of years. It is a matter of great satisfaction that the journey all these years has been without compromise on principles and ethics as laid down by the founders and sponsors. When most schools have become tutorials and coaching centres, this school does not believe in coaching and rote methods of learning. Hence, from the start, the school has been attracting great interest from parents and students from across the country and also from neighbouring countries for its education system not found in conventional schools. Half of the students come from outside Andhra Pradesh, creating a multi lingual and multi cultural educational environment.

Today, KCP Siddhartha is one among the few new generation global schools in India which groom children on every aspect of life without depriving them of their childhood. Caring people, nutritious and hygienic food, comfortable accommodation, security- both physical and emotional, and above all, the constant interaction between the teachers and the taught, make the school a home away from home, the most favoured destination for parents to educate their children. Every child who wishes to experiment, explore and experience education is welcome to visit the school and join the KCP Siddhartha family.